Kelce Brothers Shower Thanks on Taylor Swift Fans for Podcast Victory!

At the iHeartPodcast Awards, Jason and Travis Kelce had a special moment. They thanked Taylor Swift fans for helping their podcast, “New Heights,” win Podcast of the Year.

Jason, 36, was super humble. He said, “We’re just two regular guys. Winning this is amazing!” He thanked all the Swifties, who are big fans of Taylor Swift, for voting for them.

Travis, 34, agreed and said the listeners make their show awesome. He gave a shoutout to the Swifties too.

Their podcast also shared Travis’ story with Taylor Swift. He once wished he could meet her and even joked about it on their show. That caught Taylor’s attention, and soon they were dating.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Story on Podcast

Taylor thought Travis talking about her on the podcast was cool. It’s funny how their love story started!


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The brothers love doing the podcast together. It helps them talk and connect more, which they didn’t do much before. Jason said they used to go months without talking! Now they chat every week.

Jason said they love making the podcast. It feels amazing to know it makes people happy. They put a lot of effort into it and are thrilled that it resonates with so many.

The Kelce brothers are grateful for the support and love from fans. Their podcast is proof that sharing stories and having fun can bring people together, no matter where they are!


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