Miranda Cosgrove Confesses: No Drinking or Smoking Yet, but She’s Curious!

Miranda Cosgrove, known for her wholesome image, surprised fans by revealing that she has never been drunk or smoked in her entire life.

In a candid conversation on the “Good Guys” podcast with former co-star Josh Peck and Ben Soffer, Cosgrove opened up about her clean lifestyle.

Miranda Cosgrove Confessions

Despite her squeaky-clean reputation, the 30-year-old Miranda Cosgrove expressed openness to the idea of drinking and smoking, admitting that she’s “never been drunk in my entire life” but is “open to it.” This revelation left Peck stunned, jokingly urging someone to get her “s–t-housed.”


While Cosgrove confessed to having sipped alcohol on occasion, she emphasized that she’s never been buzzed. She attributed her abstinence to her role as the designated driver among her friends,a responsibility she embraced and stuck with over the years.

Even during her time at USC, where partying was prevalent, Cosgrove maintained her stance on abstaining from alcohol.

Although she admitted to once trying an edible brownie, which led to a 17-hour sleep. She expressed a desire to explore drinking, especially now that she’s turned 30.



Despite her curiosity about alcohol, her commitment to maintaining a clean lifestyle remains intact. Her openness to new experiences, combined with her responsible approach, reflects her maturity and willingness to explore different aspects of life.

Miranda Cosgrove‘s candid revelations about her lifestyle choices provide insight into her character and values, demonstrating that she’s not afraid to step out of her comfort zone while staying true to herself.

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