Taylor Armstrong Dishes on Her RHOBH Exit and Why She Can’t Watch the Show!

Taylor Armstrong Saying Goodbye to Beverly Hills Drama!📺

Taylor Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Real Housewives of Orange County, a TV Personality and well known women’s empowerment advocate, has made some confessions on her RHOBH exit.

Keep reading below to know what actually happened that has made everyone in town give their ears to the story.

Life After Beverly Hills: Why Taylor Can’t Tune In

Taylor Armstrong, as soon as a main figure in the glitzy turmoil of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ has actually taken a step back from her truth roots to concentrate on empowering women, and she’s not looking back.

After her departure from RHOBH in 2016 and a current stint in Orange County, Taylor shared some real speak about why she’s turned off from the Beverly Hills drama.

“I just can’t watch it any longer, you know?” Taylor confessed in an honest chat in an online news portal. “It’s super difficult seeing my old buddies go at it. Love them to bits, however watching them bicker? It gets to me. Been there, done that with the on-camera catfights, and let me inform you, the anxiety? It’s real!”

The Real Reason Behind the Curtain

Taylor’s decision to leave the high-stakes drama of RHOBH wasn’t practically stepping far from the stress, it was a relocate to remain real to her new mission.

“Aligning myself with females tearing each other down? That’s not my jam anymore. I’m everything about raising spirits and building confidence these days,” she discussed, detailing her deal with Empowered Experts, a project devoted to ladies’s empowerment through workshops and retreats.

A Fresh Start in Orange County… and Beyond

Though she dipped her toes back into the Housewives world with a guest spot on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ and even the ‘Ultimate Girls Trip,’ it seems Taylor’s truth TV days are taking a rear seats to something new.

“Stepping into another person’s shoes on scripted television? It’s a blast and a half, method less drama for yours genuinely,” she quipped.

In 2022, Taylor chose to exit RHOC after a short appearance, focusing instead on scripted functions and her empowerment tasks. She’s not cutting ties with her reality roots completely, though.

“Rooting for my women from the sidelines,” she stated, especially cheering for Kyle Richards, who’s reported to be considering a break from RHOBH. “Kyle’s like the queen of Beverly Hills, right? But hey, even queens need a little R&R.”

Taylor Armstrong‘s Takeaway: A Lighter Load and Brighter Days

Taylor’s parting message? A breezy bye-bye to the pressures of reality television, with a touch of gratitude for the friendships and memories she’s made along the way. “Adored the RHOC gang, and hi, got some cool IMDb creds to show for it too,” she joked.

Taylor Armstrong’s journey from reality star to empowerment leader and budding actress has made it clear to the fans that shes more than just an actress and sometimes, the very best move is stepping out of the reel drama and into a new, empowering real life story.✨


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