Billie Eilish’s Sharpie Signature Steals the Show at SAG Awards 2024!

At the SAG Awards 2024, Billie Eilish, renowned for her relatable vibe, once again showed her grounded nature. Sharing the stage with actress Melissa McCarthy, the duo brought laughter and spontaneity to the ceremony while presenting an award.

Billie Eilish at SAG 2024 Awards 

Melissa, known for Billie Eilish comedic chops, couldn’t contain her excitement at being alongside Billie and promptly asked for an autograph.



In her typical comedic fashion, Melissa first proposed that Billie sign her chrome silver dress. However, Billie, ever mindful,politely declined, fearing she might accidentally damage the gown.

Unfazed, Melissa came up with a hilarious alternative –, she suggested Billie sign her face instead. Without missing a beat, Billie agreed, and the audience was treated to a light-hearted moment as she signed Melissa’s forehead with a black Sharpie.

The exchange between the two stars was brimming with laughter, underscoring their playful rapport.While Billie’s presence at the SAG Awards was tied to her contribution to the “Barbie” soundtrack, which garnered multiple nominations, te impromptu autograph session injected an extra dose of amusement into the evening.

As the ceremony unfolded, fans couldn’t help but speculate if Billie secretly harbored hopes for a clean sweep of “Barbie’s” nominations, while Melissa likely joked about the challenge of removing the Sharpie from her face afterward.


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