Brad Pitt Reportedly “Smitten” with Girlfriend Ines de Ramon Found Love Again!

According to reports, Brad Pitt, 60, is deeply enamored with his girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, 34, as their relationship continues to flourish. Sources reveal that Pitt is visibly charmed whenever he’s around her, and their romance has reached a serious level.

Brad Pitt Dating Ines de Ramon

Ines de Ramon, a jewelry executive, recently moved into Brad Pitt‘s home, signifying a significant step in their relationship. Sources indicate that their bond is strong, with Pitt expressing genuine happiness in their partnership. This marks Pitt’s first serious relationship since his divorce from Angelina Jolie in 2016, and he appears to be relishing every moment with Ines.

The couple’s relationship progression has been notable, with Pitt reportedly sending romantic gestures to de Ramon, such as a bouquet of pink peonies and a baguette on Valentine’s Day. Their love story began to unfold publicly in late 2022, although they had been quietly dating for a few months prior.

Despite Pitt’s high-profile status, they have kept their romance relatively low-key, choosing to enjoy private moments together. However, they made their red carpet debut at the 12th annual LACMA Art+Film gala in November 2023, confirming their relationship to the public.

Overall, Pitt seems to be experiencing a newfound happiness and contentment in his relationship with de Ramon, marking a significant chapter in his post-divorce journey.


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