Camila Cabello I LUV IT Drops with a Bang, Featuring Playboi Carti!

Camila Cabello I LUV IT Arrives With A Fresh Beat & a Dash of Carti

Get ready to hit replay! Camila Cabello I LUV IT out now and has simply blessed our playlists with her most recent solitary, and it’s a bop that features the one and only Playboi Carti. This track isn’t simply a tune; it’s the lead-off to her much-anticipated fourth cd.

And while she’s keeping the album’s title under wraps, the report mill’s buzzing it may be called CXOXO. Camila’s pulling a web page from the Taylor Swift playbook, cleaning her social networks slate clean to herald this brand-new chapter.

Dive Into I LUV IT

Prior to we might also obtain a preference of the tune, Camila teased us with glances of her rocking blonde locks on Instagram, together with a sneak peek of the video. And let me tell you, the video clip? It’s a rollercoaster of feelings, beginning with Camila diving right into a cake, then taking us through a speedy of what looks like your wildest dreams and headaches mashed up.

Camila Cabello’s “I LUV IT” Watch Now!


There’s this epic moment halfway where she and Carti meet, blindfolded– discuss intense! And for those with an eager ear, you’ll capture a nod to Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade” with the lyric, “Lemons on the chain with the V-cuts.” The video clip goes from an eccentric supermarket scene to a full-scale dance event.

What Camila Says

Camila opened concerning the track, sharing, “Certain things make me seem like I’m out of this world, and clicking with someone on that particular degree is among them. It’s everything about the psychological rollercoaster for me – the drama, the butterflies. Sure, it’s exhausting, but I’m here for it.”

Follower Frenzy Over “I LUV IT”

The minute the video went down, followers were throughout it like bees on honey. Remarks gathered, with one follower saying, “whoaaa entered a whole different instructions, I’m a fan of your adaptability.” One more could not include their exhilaration, stating, “I’m the happiest individual on the planet now, thanks Camila.”

So, what are you waiting on? Check out “I LUV IT” and allow Camila Cabello and Playboi Carti take you on a wild musical journey that guarantees to be the soundtrack of your desires (and perhaps even your headaches).

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