Cardi B’s Bold Balut Adventure: “Not for Me”!

Cardi B, the daring rapper known for pushing boundaries, recently took her taste buds on a wild ride with a Filipino delicacy, balut.

Cardi B Diving into the Unknown

In a candid TikTok video shared on Wednesday, the 31-year-old hip-hop star documented her first encounter with the infamous fertilized duck egg dish. With a nod to TikTok’s food critique guru Keith Lee, Cardi embarked on her culinary escapade, armed with curiosity and a hint of trepidation.

But before taking the plunge, Cardi B made sure to fortify her stomach with a cocktail of medications, a testament to her notorious sensitivity. With Pepto Bismol in tow, she bravely faced the challenge ahead.


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Balut, a unique creation made by allowing a fertilized egg to mature for weeks before boiling, presented Cardi with a gastronomic conundrum. Adding her signature touch of lemon, salt, and pepper, she braced herself for the taste test.

Cardi B’s A Culinary Rollercoaster

The initial sip of the broth triggered an instant reaction – a mixture of surprise and disgust. With a courageous spirit, Cardi proceeded to sample the egg itself, only to recoil in dismay. The taste, reminiscent of undercooked chicken, failed to impress the seasoned rapper.

Cardi B Like What OUT NOW!


In a swift change of heart, Cardi abandoned her rating scale, admitting that balut simply wasn’t her cup of tea. Despite the culinary misadventure, she expressed gratitude for the experience, acknowledging that perhaps her technique fell short.

Taste of Adventure

In the end, Cardi’s rendezvous with balut may not have ended in culinary bliss, but it showcased her fearless approach to exploration.

As she bids farewell to this exotic dish, one thing remains certain – Cardi B is unapologetically herself, even in the face of unconventional flavors.


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