Demi Moore’s Furry Companion Steals the Show at ‘SNL’ Afterparty; Justin Timberlake MIA

Demi Moore, celebrated for her captivating performances in “Feud: Capote vs. The Swans” ,turned heads at a lively “Saturday Night Live” afterparty, bringing along her adorable chihuahua, Pilaf. However, the absence of musical guest Justin Timberlake was impossible to overlook at the post-show extravaganza.

Even more Notable guests such as Sasha Obama, daughter of former President Barack Obama, and Maisey Biden, granddaughter of President Joe Biden, graced the party with their presence, maintaining the tradition of attending “SNL” afterparties.

Demi Moore SNL Update

Accompanied by Demi Moore guest Melanie Griffith, Moore arrived at ZUMA NYC with Pilaf nestled snugly in her purse, concealed beneath a stylish puffer jacket.

The star-studded affair also included Griffith’s former flame Antonio Banderas, with the group enjoying the evening at a table hosted by Griffith’s daughter, Dakota Johnson, who dazzled as the show’s host.



Jimmy Fallon showcased his musical talents, strumming on his guitar while engaging in lively conversations with Dave Chappelle at Lorne Michael’s table. Meanwhile, renowned celebrity chef and reality TV star Bobby Flay whipped up fiery margaritas behind the bar, adding an extra kick to the festivities.

Despite the star-studded lineup, Timberlake’s absence did not go unnoticed. However, insiders revealed that the talented musician is hard at work on new music for his highly anticipated sixth solo album”Everything I Thought It Was”.Fans can expect Timberlake to take the stage at Irving Plaza in New York on Wednesday, coinciding with his 43rd birthday.

While Timberlake may have been missing from the scene, Moore’s furry companion stole the spotlight, injecting an extra dose of charm into the vibrant affair.

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