Derek Hough’s Sibling Love Shines at Kinrgy Studio Grand Opening for Sister Julianne

In a heartwarming display of family solidarity, Derek Hough and his radiant wife, Hayley Erbert, recently rallied around his sister, the ever-talented Julianne Hough, at the grand opening of her latest venture, the Kinrgy Fitness Studio in the vibrant heart of West Hollywood, California.

Derek Hough Sibling Love Takes Center Stage

The festivities, brimming with excitement and energy, unfolded last Saturday, as Julianne, 35, beamed with pride, sharing glimpses of the studio‘s inauguration on her social media platforms.

Captured in one of the delightful video snippets, Julianne, donning her signature charm, stood side by side with her brother, 38 year old Derek, and the effervescent Hayley, 29, who exuded confidence in a chic black ensemble and a beaming smile, marking her first public appearance since her recent health setback.



“My sweet family showing up for me and our @kinrgystudiosweho opening! Love you two so much @hayley erbert @derekhough”, Julianne affectionately captioned the heartwarming moment, underscoring the unwavering bond shared amongst the Hough siblings.

Derek, not to be outdone in expressing his pride, shared his own snippet from the event on his Instagram page, applauding Julianne and the entire Kinrgy team for their remarkable achievement.

Despite the celebratory atmosphere, the event was also a testament to the resilience and strength of the Hough family, particularly in light of Hayley’s recent health challenges.



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Hayley Erbert’s Journey of Recovery

Following an emergency craniectomy and subsequent surgery to repair her skull in December 2023; Hayley’s journey to recovery has been marked by the unwavering support of her loved ones, with Derek and his siblings standing steadfast by her side throughout.

A “Saga” of Family Unity

Reflecting on those trying times, Derek emphasized the pivotal role played by hiss family, recounting how they rallied together, with each member taking turns to provide care and support during Hayley’s recovery.

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As Derek Hough gears up to resume his Symphony of Dance tour in April, the family’s display of unity and unwavering support serves as a poignant reminder of the power of love and solidarity in overcoming life’s challenges.

The Hough siblings’ heartwarming display of love and support amidst Julianne‘s Kinrgy Fitness Studio opening not only celebrates her latest milestone but also underscores the profound bond shared amongst the Hough family, a bond that remains unbreakable in the face of adversity.


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