Emily Ratajkowski’s Swimsuit Scuffle: The Tale of the Missing Bikinis!

The Endless Wait By Emily Ratajkowski’s Customers, who sells bikinis But Doesn’t Ship!👙

Dive without biknis🙈 into the deep waters with Emily Ratajkowski‘s swimwear brand, Inamorata, which seems to be swimming against the current lately. Born in 2017 from the dreams of Ratajkowski and a pal, Inamorata aimed to sprinkle some style on your beach escapades with its array of bikinis and beachwear.

But alas, some beach bums are feeling more bummed than beachy, particularly the Black Friday bargain hunters from last November.

Black Friday? More Like Black Hole Friday!.

Welcome to the rollercoaster ride that is ordering from Inamorata – where Black Friday feels like it’s on an extended vacation, and swimsuit deliveries are more mysterious than your last Tinder date.

With dreams of snatching up swanky swimwear at half-off, shoppers dove wallet-first into the deals. Fast forward to the present, and it seems some of these orders have taken a detour through the Bermuda Triangle.🌀🌊⃤🌏


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The comments section under above Instagram post by Inamorata about the sale has turned into an open mic night for frustrated customers.

One customer pondered if the deadlines swooshed by with a “whooshing sound” as the THIRD promised date evaporated. “At this point, you owe me interest,” they quipped, tapping into that fine line between humor and despair.

Searching for Signs of Swimwear

“UPDATE- it’s been 4 months,” cried another shopper, echoing the sentiment of many others who’ve been left hanging like a bikini on a laundry line. With replies as rare as an on-time order, one desperate soul couldn’t help but wonder, “Do y’all not have the suits?! What’s going on?! WE NEED ANSWERS.”

Inamorata’s SOS (Save Our Swimsuits)

In a plot twist, Inamorata floated out an Instagram story, acknowledging the “small delay on a small percentage of our orders” – a classic “it’s not you, it’s me” if ever there was one. Offering refunds and apologies, they hope to calm the stormy seas of customer discontent.

And in a move as refreshing as a dip in the ocean, they’ve begun engaging directly with comments, sending out emails like lifebuoys to the adrift and awaiting.


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Hang tight, Inamorata Shoppers!

It’s not Emily Ratajkowski’s first fashion faux pas rodeo. A previous photo shoot stirred the pot with its portrayal of plus-size fashion, proving that controversy might just be Inamorata’s latest accessory.

So that was a hilarious tale of missing swimsuits, deadlines as elusive as a perfect tan line, and a brand doing its best to paddle back to shore. Will the missing orders find their way home? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, keep those comments coming – they’re the best read on the beach!🌊👙 🌴😂

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