Emma Heming Willis & Helen Christoni To Empower Women’s Brain Health!

In a world where conversations about health often revolve around physical well-being, Emma Heming Willis and Helen Christoni are pioneering a movement to shine a spotlight on an overlooked aspect: women’s brain health.

Emma Heming Willis’s Personal Journey From Challenge to Advocacy

For Heming Willis, the journey began in 2014 when she encountered the fog of confusion known as brain fog following the birth of her youngest daughter. Surprisingly, discussions about brain health were conspicuously absent from mainstream discourse, leaving her to navigate her concerns alone.

Determined to break the silence, she embarked on a quest for answers, seeking out specialists and implementing lifestyle changes to nurture her cognitive well-being.


Fueled by her own experience and fueled by a shared passion, Heming Willis joined forces with her dear friend Christoni to establish Make Time in 2020. Their brainchild aims to arm individuals, particularly women, with the knowledge and tools to prioritize brain health.

The cause became deeply personal when Heming Willis disclosed her husband Bruce Willis’ diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia (FTD) in 2023, while Christoni had witnessed the devastating impact of dementia within her own family.

Emma Heming Willis and Helen Christoni: The Power of “Making Time”

Central to their mission is the mantra of “making time” – carving out moments for activities that nourish the mind and soul. Whether it’s embarking on new adventures or cherishing precious moments with loved ones,Heming Willis and Christoni emphasize the transformative power of intentional living.

They recognize the vital role of community and shared experiences, particularly for those navigating the complex terrain of caregiving.



To amplify their message, Heming Willis and Christoni have harnessed the power of modern platforms, launching a podcast and introducing Make Time Wellness, a line of brain-enhancing supplements.

Profits from these endeavors are channeled towards organizations like Hilarity for Charity, providing vital support to families grappling with Alzheimer’s disease.

Emma Heming Willis’s Vision for Change

Their vision is clear: to empower women to take ownership of their brain health, proactively embracing preventive measures rather than waiting for a diagnosis. By igniting conversations, disseminating knowledge, and fostering a culture of proactive care,

Heming Willis and Christoni are catalyzing a seismic shift in how society perceives and prioritizes brain health. Through their unwavering advocacy, they are not just changing lives;they are changing the narrative itself.

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