From Heartbreak to Happily Ever After: Love Is Blind’s Jess Vestal Finds New Love!

Love Is Blind’s Jess Vestal Finds New Love with Netflix Star Harry Jowsey

Love Is Blind alum Jess Vestal (Jessica) didn’t let her breakup with Jimmy Presnell dampen her spirits, as she embarked on a new romance with fellow Netflix reality star Harry Jowsey. The pair were spotted sharing PDA-filled moments during a vacation in Mexico, marking the beginning of their blossoming relationship.

Jess Vestal Moving On From Jimmy to Harry!

After Jimmy Presnell chose to end his relationship with Jess in the pods and proposed to Chelsea Blackwell, Jess wasted no time in finding love elsewhere.

She was seen enjoying intimate moments with Too Hot to Handle alum Harry Jowsey during a tropical getaway in September 2023. The couple was photographed cozying up in the ocean and lounging on beach chairs, indicating a strong connection between them.

Jess Vestal Hints of a New Love Interest!

Despite her romance with Harry, Jess hinted at a potential reconciliation with another Love Is Blind cast member during a podcast interview. While she refrained from disclosing the person’s identity, Jess expressed confidence that fans would soon be aware of her new relationship.

With a ten-year-old daughter named Autumn, Jess emphasized her commitment to being open and proud about her love life.

Harry’s Focus on Relationship Advice

Meanwhile, Harry Jowsey, known for his relationships with fellow reality stars Francesca Farago and Georgia Hassarati, is channeling his energy into providing relationship advice through his podcast Boyfriend Material.

With his experience in the spotlight and romantic endeavors, Harry aims to support and guide others through their own relationship challenges.

Jess Vestal’s Love Is Blind & Love Beyond the Screen

As Love Is Blind season six approaches its finale, Jess Vestal and Harry’s budding romance adds to the off-camera love stories that have emerged from the show. While their journey unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in their love lives, as well as the continued success of Love Is Blind’s matchmaking experiment.


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