Jennifer Hudson Jokes About Romance with Common on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

During her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jennifer Hudson couldn’t help but poke fun at the rumors swirling around her relationship with Common.

Jennifer Hudson Reaction on Common @Jimmy Kimmel Live!

When Kimmel brought up their public acknowledgment of their romance on her talk show, Hudson playfully retorted, “Is that what you gathered because I thought he was dating Whoopi Goldberg?” Her witty remark added a lighthearted touch to the conversation, referencing Common’s previous mention of his girlfriend being an EGOT winner.

As Kimmel delved further into their dynamic, questioning whether it was challenging to interview someone she’s romantically involved with, Jennifer Hudson confessed that she finds it easier to interview acquaintances than starstruck fans. She emphasized the relaxed atmosphere of conversing with someone she knows well.

However, Hudson didn’t hesitate to correct one of Common’s assertions from his prior appearance on her show. When Kimmel assumed she knew which part of Chicago Common hailed from, Hudson clarified, “He thinks he’s from the South Side. I’m from the South Side, he’s from the East Side. It’s a Chicago thing,” injecting a touch of hometown humor into the exchange.

Their relationship rumors first surfaced in 2022 during their collaboration on the film Breathe. Confirming their romance, Common broached the topic of marriage during an interview on Today with Hoda & Jenna.

He expressed openness to the idea of tying the knot when the time is right, underscoring the significance of communication and shared sentiments in such decisions.

As Hudson and Common continue to navigate their budding romance, their playful banter and mutual admiration add an endearing layer to their relationship, keeping fans intrigued and entertained. Stay tuned for more updates on this charming celebrity couple!


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