Sharon Stone’s Shocking Revelations Spark Feud with Billy Baldwin!

Hollywood drama is hitting the headings again! Sharon Stone has stimulated quite a storm by accusing manufacturer Robert Evans of some seriously outrageous habits from 30 years back. However that’s not all;her co-star Billy Baldwin is firing back with soem accusations of his own. Let’s dive into the juicy information of this unfolding fight.

Sharon Stone’s Bombshell Claims: Accusing Robert Evans

In a recent podcast interview, Sharon Stone dropped a bombshell revelation about her past experience on the set of the 1993 mystery-thriller “Sliver.”

According to Sharon, the late manufacturer Robert Evans pressured her into getting intimate with her co-star Billy Baldwin off-screen, all in the name of enhancing their on-screen chemistry. Sharon stated how Evans thought that this unconventional approach would boost Billy’s efficiency in the film.

Billy Baldwin Hits Back Denying Sharon’s Allegations

Billy Baldwin squandered no time in responding to Sharon’s allegations. Taking to social networks, he emphatically rejected her claims and even hinted at having some “dirt” on Sharon.

He suggested thta Sharon may have ulterior motives for raising the past and hinted at her making advances towards him in the past. Billy even teased the concept of composing a tell-all book to expose what he describes as “disturbing” and “unprofessional” habits on Sharon’s part.

Sharon Stone Stands Firm In Defending Her Truth

Despite the backlash from Billy Baldwin, Sharon Stone waits her claims. She detailed her uncomfortable encounter with Robert Evans, explaining how he pushed her into jeopardizing her borders for the sake of the movie.

Sharon emphasized that regardless of her previous functions in steamy movies like “Basic Instinct,” she never experienced anything like this with her co-stars.

Hollywood Feud Takes Center Stage

As the feud between Sharon Stone and Billy Baldwin escalates, Hollywood is abuzz with speculation and intrigue. Sharon’s stunning revelations have actually shone a spotlight on the dark side of the entertainment industry,

while Billy’s response has actually added fuel to the fire. As the drama unfolds, something’s for sure, this Hollywood face-off is far from over. Stay tuned for more weaves in htis captivating saga!

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