Sylvester Stallone’s Unique Gift to Daughter Sistine: A ‘Little Knife’ for Fourth Grade Self-Defense

Sylvester Stallone, known for his action-packed roles, took his commitment to self-defense to a new level by giving his daughter Sistine a “little knife” to take to school in the fourth grade. This surprising revelation came to light during the Season 2 premiere of “The Family Stallone.”

Sylvester Stallone Self Defense Tactics for Sistine Stallone

In a confessional interview, Sistine, now 25 years old, shared her experience of her father’s unconventional approach to self-defense. She recounted how Stallone made them  practice pepper spray on each other and even went as far as putting a small knife in her backpack during her fourth-grade years.


The episode further showcased Stallone’s dedication to ensuring his daughters’ safety by taking them to a self-defense class with Defense Strategies Group.

Despite initial skepticism from his daughters, Sylvester Stallone emphasized the importance of the training, highlighting the real-life experiences of the instructors, who were former Navy SEALs.

During the training session, which involved practicing punches with the instructors, Sistine humorously remarked to her sister Sophia that self-defense skills might come in handy on first dates in New York.



Additionally, she shared how one of the trainers messaged her on Instagram after the class, albeit with preferences that didn’t align with her body type.



Sylvester Stallone Family New House

In a heartfelt conversation with his daughters, Stallone announced the family’s decision to permanently relocate to Palm Beach, Florida, to be little bit closer to their youngest daughter, Scarlet, who attends the University of Miami.

This decision marked a significant change for the family, with Stallone expressing his wife’s desire for a new adventure and acknowledging the transition to an empty nest.

Stallone’s unconventional methods of ensuring his family’s safety, combined with his dedication to supporting his wife’s aspirations, offer a glimpse into the dynamics of the Stallone family.

Despite his tough-guy persona on screen, Stallone’s actions reflect a father’s commitment to protecting and supporting his loved ones in real life.

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