Behind the Scenes Drama: Savannah Guthrie vs Kelly Rowland’s No-Show on ‘Today’!

During her sit-down with Kelly Rowland, Savannah Guthrie had no inkling that trouble was brewing behind the scenes. To Guthrie, Rowland was the epitome of charm: lovely, sweet, kind, and thoroughly professional.

Savannah Guthrie & Kelly Rowland at Today

So, when news broke that Rowland would be a no-show for her guest-hosting gig with Hoda Kotb on “Today,” Guthrie was taken aback, to say te least.

Rowland’s appearance on the show was meant to drum up excitement for her upcoming Netflix flick, “Mea Culpa.” Yet, despite Guthrie’s friendly mention of Rowland possibly stepping in for Jenna Bush Hager on “Today wiht Hoda & Jenna,” Rowland’s cryptic reply, “We’ll see,” hinted at something amiss.




However, amidst the drama, Rowland’s rep, Yvette Noel-Schure, sung praises of her client’s character and professionalosm, emphasizing her grace under pressure.

Hoda Kotb, on the other hand, couldn’t hide her disappointment at Rowland’s sudden exit, expressing her affection for the singer and how much she was looking forward to having her on the show.

Savannah Guthrie Announcement Leaving Today Show

Savannah Guthrie echoed similar sentiments., showering Rowland with love and leaving the door wide open for her return to the show anytime.

As for those infamous dressing rooms, Savannah Guthrie diplomatically referred to them as “historic.” Yet, she didn’t shy away from acknowledging tHe need for an upgrade. With a cheeky wink, she hinted at a potential “dressing room glow up” at Studio 1A post-Rowland fiasco. Here’s hoping for a touch of glamour in the halls of morning TV!

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