George Floyd’s Partner Slams Tom Sandoval for Insensitive Comparison

Roxie Washington, the mother of George Floyd’s daughter, has slammed Tom Sandoval for what she deemed a “ridiculous” comparison involving Floyd. Despite not being familiar with the show Vanderpump Rules, Washington expressed her strong disapproval of Sandoval’s remarks.

Vanderpump Tom Sandoval Slammed 

In an interview with TMZ on Thursday, February 22, Washington pointed out the absurdity of Sandoval’s comparison. She stressed that Sandoval and his ex Ariana Madix are still alive, unlike Floyd, and voiced her concerns about her daughter being exposesd to such statements.

Washington urged Sandoval to reconsider his words, suggesting that he reflect on the impact they might have, particularly considering the negative messaging her daughter has already encountered from her peers.



Sandoval’s controversial comparison surfaced during an interview with New York Times Magazine on Tuesday, February 20,where he speculated about the media attention surrounding his affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss. He drew parallels to high-profile cases like O.J. Simpson and George Floyd, sparking widespread backlash.

Journalist Irina Aleksander, who conducted the interview, attempted to clarify Sandoval’s remarks in the article. However, teh criticism persisted, prompting Sandoval to issue an apology via Instagram Stories, expressing regret for his “inappropriate and ignorant” comparison.

Before Washington’s comments, Sandoval’s Bravo co-stars also criticized his statement. Katie Maloney questioned the intention behind Sandoval’s words, whle Real Housewives of Miami star Guerdy Abraira demanded an immediate apology.

Overall, Tom Sandoval’s remarks have faced condemnation for their insensitivity and lack of understanding, prompting calls for reflection and accountability.


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