Kyle Richards Rocks the Wild West: A New Chapter in Her Tattoo Tale!

New Ink Alert! Kyle Richards, 55, has added a new tattoo to her collection, courtesy of tattoo artist Amanda Merkatz who shared a clip on Instagram revealing the delicate design of a cowboy hat inked on Richards’ arm, showcasing Merkatz’s expertise in fine-line tattoos.

Kyle Richards Tattoo Journey

This latest addition joins Richards’ growing collection of body art, which became a talking point during the premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13. Richards, accompanied by her now-estranged husband Mauricio Umansky, revealed her plans for more tattoos, sparking a playful exchange between the couple.

Amidst Richards’ separation from Umansky, rumors circulated about her relationship with country music singer Morgan Wade. The duo’s close bond, evident in public appearances and social media posts, fueled speculation about a romantic connection.

However, both Kyle Richards and Wade have denied these rumors, addressing them with humor and dismissing tabloid speculation.


Richards recently addressed rumors about a magazine cover shoot with a country star, refuting claims that the blind item in question was about her.

Clarifying during an Amazon Live session, Richards dismissed the speculation, asserting that it was not related to her and expressing curiosity about the subject’s identity.

Despite ongoing speculation, Richards and Wade have maintained a close friendship, often sharing lighthearted moments and poking fun at the public’s perception of their relationship.

Their camaraderie, showcased in music videos and social media interactions, reflects a bond built on mutual respect and humor.

As Kyle Richards continues to embrace new experiences and expand her tattoo collection, she navigates rumors and speculation with grace and humor, prioritizing authenticity and genuine connections in her personal and professional life.

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