Luann de Lesseps and Olivier Sarkozy’s NYC Lunch Date Sparks Romance Rumors!

A Surprise Encounter with Luann de Lesseps, former cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City, was recently photographed enjoying lunch with French banker Olivier Sarkozy in New York City.

Luann de Lesseps and Olivier Sarkozy Spotted at a Secret NYC Date!

The duo, Luann de Lesseps and Olivier Sarkozy was seen smiling as they walked together after dining at Le Bilboquet on March 4.

Although photos of their lunch outing have sparked interest, neither Luann nor Olivier has provided any official statements regarding the nature of their relationship.

This sighting comes three years after Olivier Sarkozy finalized his divorce settlement with fashion designer Mary Kate Olsen in 2020. Prior to his marriage to Olsen,Sarkozy was previously married to Charlotte Bernard, with whom he shares two children.

Luann de Lesseps’s Romantic Journey

Luann de Lesseps has also experienced ups and downs in her romantic life. She tied the knot with Tom D’Agostino on New Year’s Eve in 2016 but announced their divorce less than a year later.

Before D’Agostino, she was married to Count Alexandre de Lesseps, with whom she shares two children.

Speaking on the Tamron Hall Show in January, Luann expressed her desire to manifest a “true partner” in her life. She emphasized the importance of finding someone who is age-appropriate, career-oriented, and compatible with her lifestyle.


Despite past relationships, Luann remains optimistic about dating and enjoys exploring romantic connections in her 50s.

Luann de Lesseps is embracing her 50s with enthusiasm, emphasizing that she loves dating, flirting, and connecting with others. While her encounter with Olivier Sarkozy has piqued curiosity, Luann continues to prioritize living her best life and seeking fulfilling relationships.

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