Denise Ohnona Kate Moss Lookalike Who Turned Heads at Marine Serre!

Denise Ohnona, Kate Moss Lookalike, the uncanny doppelganger who stole the show at Marine Serre

Denise Ohnona Kate Moss Lookalike A Striking Resemblance

Guests at the Marine Serre show during Paris Fashion Week were left in awe as a familiar face graced the runway. Many mistook her for the legendary supermodel Kate Moss, but in reality, it was none other than Denise Ohnona, known for her uncanny resemblance to Moss.

With heavy eyeliner and wavy blonde hair framing her sharp jawline, Denise Ohnona mirrored Moss’s iconic look, reminiscent of the supermodel’s illustrious career spanning decades.



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After speculation swirled among fans, Ohnona took to Instagram to confirm her identity, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses from the show and putting the rumors to rest.

Denise Ohnona The Ultimate Kate Moss Impersonator

Ohnona is no stranger to turning heads with her striking resemblance to Super Model Kate Moss. Under the Instagram handle @iamnotkatemoss, she frequently delights her nearly 70,000 followers by recreating Moss’s interviews and viral moments, earning herself the title of the world’s “No. 1 Kate Moss Lookalike.”

Denise Ohnona Kate Moss Lookalike


While Moss herself is rarely seen on the catwalk these days, she continues to make waves in the fashion world by gracing front rows at major events. From the Saint Laurent preview to the Bottega Veneta presentation, Moss remains a timeless style icon.

Kate Moss’s daughter, Lila Moss, is carving her own path in the fashion industry. Making appearances at shows like Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood, she’s quickly becoming a must-see model, with Moss proudly supporting her journey.

Denise Ohnona‘s appearance at the Marine Serre show not only captured the essence of Kate Moss but also showcased her own unique presence in the fashion world, solidifying her status as an iconic figure in her own right.

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