Remi Bader’s Heartbreak: Navigating the Pain of a Text Message Breakup!

In a whirlwind of emotions, influencer Remi Bader, aged 28, recently hinted at the end of her relationship with boyfriend Keyveat Postell, revealing in a now deleted TikTok video that he chose to break up with her via text message.

The heart-wrenching clip showcased Remi Bader in tears, adorned in a pink robe, as she grappled with the sudden and impersonal nature of the breakup.

Remi Bader’s Shocking Heartbreak 

In the midst of her emotional turmoil, Bader’s TikTok video captured raw and vulnerable moments as she shared her anguish over the breakup after nearly two years together. Her candid expression of pain resonated with fans who empathized with her heartbreaking experience.

Outpouring of Support by Fans for Remi Bader

Following the revelation, an outpouring of support flooded social media platforms, with fans expressing solidarity and sympathy for Bader during this difficult time. Many condemned the manner in which Postell chose to end the relationship, labeling it as cowardly and insensitive. SAD…

Amidst the breakup fallout, eagle-eyed fans uncovered screenshots from the dating app Hinge allegedly showing Postell active on the platform shortly after the split. The discovery added another layer of complexity to the situation, prompting further speculation and criticism from Bader’s supporters.

Bader, who had previously faced baseless accusations regarding the authenticity of her relationship, took to Emily Ratajkowski‘s podcast to address the hurtful speculations.She vehemently defended the sincerity of her relationship with Postell, emphasizing his unwavering support and love throughout their time together.


As Bader navigates through the pain of her breakup, she finds solace in the memories shared with Postell and the genuine connection they once had.

As she continues to heal and grow from this experience, Bader emerges as a beacon of resilience, inspiring others to embrace their vulnerabilities and navigate life’s challenges with courage and grace.

So now what happens with Remi’s Love Life? Is it just a beginning of her new journey. We’ll keep you informed and continue this session again. Let’s hope for now everything is sorted for her. 🙂

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